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Denim L. Slade, Ph.D.


  Dr. Slade has been practicing therapy for 22 years.  Besides being a Ph.D.-level therapist, he has specific training and expertise in Marital Issues, Adolescent Development, Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma. 

 He also has specific training dealing with trauma that is informed by a great deal of neurological research.   

Dr. Slade practices a technique called Lifespan Integration that is designed to untie the knots created by traumatic events, creating new neurological pathways that free up his patients to move forward in their lives. 

TMS Success: a collaborative effort.


A Ph.D. psychologist with a deep understanding of the brain...

Meets an M.D. brain doctor with a passion for psychology.  

These two doctors 

are teaming up to combat 

treatment-resistant depression 

in a whole new way.

Without medications.  Without invasive procedures.

This is going to be good...

Brian C. Nyberg, M.D.


Dr. Nyberg started his practice with a vision of offering Southern Utah a personal, accessible, and psychologically-grounded, board-certified psychiatrist.  

He is passionate about reaching out and being an advocate for the many patients with complex medical and psychiatric needs who often fall through the cracks in the traditional, managed care system.  

He is willing to take the road less-traveled in order to provide the highest quality of psychiatric care available.  In his own small way, he wants to help restore the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. 

Dr. Slade's private practice.


Find out why people have kept coming back to Denim L. Slade, PhD, LMFT for 22 years.  

He can help you solve your problems and figure out the tools and techniques that will bring about the desired changes in your life. 

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Dr. Nyberg's private practice.


Dr. Nyberg is a board-certified psychiatrist providing therapy and medication management for children and adults in St. George, UT and Cedar City, UT. 

He believes in customizing treatment to each individual based on their personal story and unique circumstances. "People.  Not Just Prescriptions" is his way of life.

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