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Finding Success and Recovery with TMS

TMS Success has helped many patients just like you here in Southern Utah. Your recovery from depression is waiting to begin at TMS Success.

TMS Treatment Leads To Real Benefits

Great to pair with Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or internal family systems theory (IFS), are important treatments for depression. It is usually necessary for patients to identify stressors and to make behavioral changes to increase resources and develop positive coping strategies. However, in order for talk therapy to be completely effective, an accompanying medication for depression is usually necessary. 

An Attractive Alternative

This combination can be highly effective for patients who are able to tolerate the side effects of medication. Unfortunately, in cases of treatment-resistant depression, options are frequently limited, since antidepressants do not tend to be successful in alleviating depression in those cases. TMS offers an attractive alternative in these cases.

Live free of antidepressants

With TMS, you can live free of antidepressants and their frustrating side effects. If you or a loved one has been taking antidepressants, you are well aware of the many systemic side effects from which so many people suffer. Many find themselves in the frustrating position of having to decide if the benefits they are getting from their medication are worth the disruptive side effects. These side effects can include things like dry mouth, migraines, brain zaps, and increased suicidality. Many feel trapped and there is new hope! TMS offers not only another option, but a more effective option without harmful side effects.

Non-medication Treatment

TMS is a non-medication treatment for depression. Antidepressants are only about 30% effective, and that number goes down with each subsequent medication tried. TMS is over 60% effective, and at TMS Success our success rate is even higher at 90%. There are other alternatives than taking a pill to fight your depression!

No Effects on Alertness or Memory

With some other depression treatments like ECT, there are effects on alertness or memory. This is not the case with TMS–you can drive yourself to and from treatment sessions. You will remain awake and alert during treatment with no sedation or anesthesia. Following treatment, you can immediately resume normal activities. We have many patients who come for treatment prior to beginning their work or school day or who come on their lunch break. 

Longevity of Results

Perhaps the most exciting and promising thing about receiving TMS treatment for your depression is the longevity of the results. In national studies, at the end of the initial 36 treatments, over 62% of patients enjoy relief from their depressive symptoms. The truly wonderful result from these studies is that a year following treatment, the results actually consistently get better with no further treatment! The results improve to an impressive rate of nearly 67%. Yes, the effectiveness of TMS improves over the year following your TMS treatment.

4 Steps to Recovery from Depression

9 out of 10 of our patients enjoy relief from their depressive symptoms

TMS is FDA-cleared and covered by all major insurance providers.

Say goodbye to frustrating side effects – TMS has none of the typical side effects that come with depression medication.

TMS is more effective than medication for treatment resistant depression.

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